The Brothers Grimm

Pantochino’s most popular comedy, “The Brothers Grimm,” is on tour and available for your school, group or venue! Meet Jacob, Wilhelm and George—The Brothers Grimm themselves. They’re all set to enact their best-loved stories. But when they discover the big book of fairy tales is missing, the fun really begins. A sequined and feathered showgirl arrives to help the brothers and what happens is a great big hit comedy! “The Brothers Grimm” features spoofs and goofs of Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Snow White, The Fisherman and his Wife and more! The show debuted at Yale’s Off-Broadway Theatre and has played hundreds of performances throughout the state including The Palace in Danbury and Seven Angels Theatre in Waterbury. It’s a perfect 50 minutes of fun for kids (and adults, too!) Contact us for booking details and availability at