2019/20 Season

Our 2019/20 Season is a reflection of the past, a celebration of the present and an exhilaration for the future. An extraordinary chapter in the adventure that is Pantochino! We hope you’ll join us! Read more about our season on Broadway World by clicking here.

October 18-27

The Wicked Witch of the West: Kansas or Bust

Book & Lyrics by Bert Bernardi Music by Justin Rugg

She’s back with a vengeance!! Pantochino’s funniest musical returns as the best-loved characters from Oz descend on Kansas in hopes of finding broomsticks, slippers and of course Dorothy! This award-winning musical has played around the country and internationally and now returns to Milford where it first premiered! “Bernardi has outdone himself in the clever department, filled to the top with genuine humor…Rugg’s music adds a delightful liveliness.” - Bonnie Goldberg, Connecticut Critics Circle

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December 6-22

The Gingerbreads of Broadway

Book & Lyrics by Bert Bernardi Music by Justin Rugg

A brand new holiday musical and backstage legend! Follow The Gingerbread family as they sing and dance their way from vaudeville to Broadway with the help of a very special patron who just might be Mrs. Claus! The Gingerbreads of Broadway is sure to be most wonderful musical of the season!

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Pantochino’s Christmas Cocktails

It’s a holiday party as the Pantochino company presents an evening of holiday tunes, sing-a-long, comedy and more! Cabaret-style, bring your friends and your favorite snacks and drinks and enjoy the best of the holiday season with us! (Leave the kids with the sitter for this one!)

Pantochino Teen Theatre February 2020


There's magic to do when a prince learns the true meaning of glory, love and war in Stephen Schwartz's iconic and unforgettable musical masterpiece.

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Coming in March 2020


Special Event! Looking back on the way we were through the eyes of how we are: the songs of 1970 reinterpreted fifty years later by young people of today.


Checking in on Charles

Book & Lyrics by Bert Bernardi Music by Justin Rugg

Inspired by the history, stories, facts and legends of Charles Island, this riotously funny musical comedy is all about an Inn, it’s keeper and the rest of the world all longing for a piece of this tiny island in Long Island Sound. Audiences who enjoyed “The Waffle House Five” and the Noni Cimino shows will love our historical, hysterical new story—the first musical ever to take place right here in Milford!!

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