Lifeboat, Dahling!


The Bookworms
Cinderella Skeleton
Teen Santa
Predictable Heart
The Brothers Grimm & A Showgirl
Summer Theatre Camp
   The Wizard of Oz (Sort Of)
   Super Groovy Aladdin


The Little Dog Laughed
The Groovy Ghoulies
Glitz! The Little Miss Christmas Pageant Musical
Spring Camp: Samantha Smartypants & the Great Cupcake Caper
Glam Kitty Squad
Summer Theatre Camp
   The Ethel Mermaid
   Fee Fi Fo Fum


The Great Cinnamon Bear Christmas Radio Show
Teen Theatre: Godspell Jr.
Spring Camp: Louise The Big Cheese
Pirate Schmirate!
Summer Theatre Camp
   Snow Dude!
   The Wizard of Oz (Sort Of)
   Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Outlet Store
   Beauty and the Beast (Sort Of)
   The Theatre Games I


The Wicked Witch of the West: Kansas or Bust!
Christmas at Santa Claus Station
Teen Theatre: Xanadu Jr.
The Brothers Grimm & A Showgirl
April Camp: Rocko & Spanky Go To A Party
Cinderella Italiano!
Summer Theatre Camp
   Phantom Mouse of the Opera
   Jungle Book, Abridged
   Cinderella Skeleton
   Regally Blonde
   The Theatre Games II



Christmas Cookies! The Musical

Teen Theatre: Zombie Prom

April Camp: The Ethel Mermaid

Fast Times at Mermaid High

Summer Theatre Camp


Snow White & The Several Dwarfs

Glam Kitty Squad

Mummy, Dearest

Summer Teen Theatre: Into the Woods Jr.


The Bewitchingly Scrumptious Mister Trick & Mrs. Treat

The Life & Adventures of Santa Claus

Teen Theatre: Starmites

April Camp: Punk Skunks

Noni Cimino's Kitchen

Summer Theatre Camp

Summer Teen Theatre: Urinetown


How To Be A Good Witch

School For Elves

Teen Theatre: Go-Go Beach

Italian Wedding Soup

Summer Theatre Camp

Summer Teen Theatre: Young Frankenstein