Hosted at your school, Pantochino’s After School Drama Clubs are an amazing experience for students. Our program is perfect for K-6 and a wonderful enrichment program or PTA/PTO activity.

Jimmy Johansmeyer has been program director of similar programs, camps and clubs withyears of experience. With Jimmy leading the program, the After School Drama Club engages, enlightens, entertainsand stretches the minds of its young participants. It helps develop skills like reading, listening, speaking, physical coordination and following directions as well as expressing emotion and building self-mage and self-esteem.

Hosting our After School Drama Club is not only a worthy performing arts experience for the kids, its also a fantastic collaborative effort where parents and teachers can get involved helping to put on the school play and building a strong sense of community. You’ll also find our program is a great fundraiser for your school, PTA or PTO.


Weekly rehearsal sessions are held in your school over 8 to 10 weeks. Students participate with a tailor made script giving everyone a chance to shine. Pantochino provides not only the custom script, but also comes complete with a simple stage set and props! Choose from Fall or Spring sessions.

Special mini versions of our After School Drama Club are also available to schools with limited time commitment.

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Jimmy is so enthusiastic, encouraging to the children, funny, patient, and most of all has a heart for what he does. We could not imagine anyone else doing this job for us. We sometimes have over one hundred students participating—I credit this to Jimmy and his love for what he does.”
“Jimmy’s enthusiasm, creativity and sense of humor are so infectious that everyone around him is for the better. in the same instant as being polished with the adults, he is fun and energetic with the kids. Jimmy has a way of making sure every kid feels special.”