Summer Theatre Camp 2018 FAQ's

When is Summer Theatre Camp?
For 2018,  Session 1 will be held July 9-13th. Session 2 will be held July 16-20th. Session 3 will be held July 23-27th. Session 4 will be held July 30-August 3rd.

What age does my child have to be in order to attend?
Summer Theatre Camp is for young actors ages 8 - 13. (Please note, campers must be at minimum age 8 by July 1, 2018.)

Where is Summer Theatre Camp held?
Summer Theatre Camp is held at Milford Arts, the MAC, 40 Railroad Avenue South in Downtown Milford.

How much does Summer Theatre Camp cost?
One child/one session $265.00
One child/multiple sessions $250.00 (per session)
Siblings attending same session $220.00 (per sibling)
Siblings attending multiple session is $200.00 (per sibling/per session)

What is Summer Theatre Camp’s cancellation policy?
Summer plans change. We get that. The registration form clearly states there will be no refunds, cancellations or credits after May 1, 2018.

Can I pay for Summer Theatre Camp online?

The registration form may be downloaded and printed online, then sent via U. S. mail. Unfortunately, we do not offer online payment.

What time does Summer Theatre Camp begin and end?
Summer Theatre Camp begins at 9:00am and ends at 3:00pm. Please arrive on time, and be ready for pick up at 3:00pm. NOTE: On Friday of each session, the performance is at 3:00pm (approximately 40 minutes in length)

How does the drop-off and pick-up process work?
All pick-ups and drop-offs are held on Railroad Avenue at Milford Arts, the MAC. Please do not pull your vehicle up to the door of the building as you will be blocking the street. Look for the bright orange “DROP OFF” sign located 200 feet in front of the building.
How do I contact Summer Theatre Camp during the day?
Please send an email to This email account is monitored throughout the day by the staff.

Is Summer Theatre Camp allergy free?
Camp is not allergy free. If your child has an allergy, we require they be able to administer their own EpiPen in case of an emergency. They must also have their EpiPen with them during lunch.

Do I need to call someone if my child is going to be absent?
Please send an email to Absences are strongly discouraged as we only have 5 days to rehearse the show!

How many children are in each Summer Theatre Camp session?
There are 32 spots available in each session of camp.

Does Summer Theatre Camp provide lunch?
Each child must bring their own lunch and water. Lunch break is held in the courtyard of Milford Arts, the MAC (weather permitting). NOTE: There is no snack break. Please make sure your young actor is fed prior to camp.

Are any packed lunch items prohibited?
Summer Theatre Camp is not an allergy-free environment, so any reasonable lunch items are welcome. We do not have adequate refrigeration to refrigerate each camper’s lunch.

Is Summer Theatre Camp appropriate for children with physical disabilities or developmental disorders?
We include singing, dancing and acting as a part of each child’s experience While we try to make our program accessible for each child, it may not be appropriate for children who cannot handle the physical or developmental demands of learning an original musical in five days.

How does Summer Theatre Camp handle casting?
We feel every role is important to every show. And each child will have the opportunity to read/audition for roles. Some young actors are anxious to play the lead role, and some are happy to have a smaller part. And we know, not everyone will get the part they desire. We ask for your support and enthusiasm following casting.

When and where are Summer Theatre Camp performances?
Performances are on the Friday of each session at 3pm at the Milford Arts, the MAC. Each performance is approximately 40 minutes in length.

How do I buy performance tickets?
Admission to performances is free! Since seating is limited, we ask each family to bring no more than 4 guests to the show.

Do I need to purchase costumes for my child?
We will email a ‘costume idea list’ following the first day of camp. We’re hoping you will not have to spend a penny on costumes--will keep the idea list very simple. Hopefully you can achieve the suggested looks with clothing items you may already have. Pantochino will provide specialty costume pieces (hats,vests, animal ears, etc)